• Manual Testing

    Our team provide full cycle of manual testing - from tests scenarios creation to full regression cycles of your product.

  • Automation

    Need automation from scratch? Or have problems with current solution? We could help you! Click for more information.

  • Study

    Want to learn new technologies? Have many questions about current frameworks? Tap here to see more.

  • Our mission

    - Help you to make your product perfect
    - Full outsource of QA process - automation and manual testing
    - Increase quality of your service, application or simple web site
    - Do processes in your company more clear and easy for everyone

  • - Full automation testing process outsourcing
    - Solving problems with your tests - review and consulting, how to make your tests more stable and perfect
    - Tools development - you want some new, but don’t know how to do it - this is our work
    - Perfomance testing
    - Automation testing process configuration - we could help you and your team understand profit of automation

    Automation testing

  • Manual testing

    - Full manual testing process outsourcing
    - Team processes cofiguration - integration with development, automation team
    - Review and consulting about current test process in your team

  • - Helps you to solve your problems
    - Seminars, webinars, one on one consulting about QA and software development process
    - Training of QA team writing test cases, work planning and to provide the test results to the customer
    - Teach your engineers to work with frameworks, tools and technologies - best practices and flexible usage

    Consulting & study

  • Process

    - Implementation of QA processes in the development lifecycle according to the development model (Agile, Waterfall and other)
    - Help your team to provide transparent reporting on the status of developed products quality at any time (using special reporting - - systems as Allure tool)
    - Integration of interaction between development teams and the customer (based on QA reports)
    - Setup and implementation of test tools for QA (TestRail, Zephyr, Testia Tarantula and other)
    - Setup and implementation of a bug tracker for QA/DEV/PM teams (Atlassian JIRA, Bugzilla and other)

  • - We have success and big expirience - with companies, with tools and technologies
    - We make our work with high-quality - only such approach could make your product perfect
    - We works fast and comfortly for you - you choose process you want
    - You do not need to search good and qualified engineers for a long time - we can do all work for you fast and with perfect quality!

    Our benifits